If your Business hasn't fully realized the Tax, Expense and Growth advantage of Equipment, Vehicle or Technology leasing, OR you think there "just aren't any worthwhile deals out there", call your BLS Consultant Now!

HOW DO I KNOW IF MY COMPANY QUALIFIES?  Most businesses, from newly-minted Mom and Pops to Fortune 500, can take advantage of business leasing arrangements.


American businesses spend over 270 billion dollars annually leasing everything from office copiers to corporate jets.  With its clear advantage of short and long-term flexibility and tax breaks, leasing -- it has increasingly become the option of choice for both American big business and entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, with the ongoing and rapid improvements of technology and software causing turnover in 6 months or less, even small to medium companies can little afford to delay in upgrading and augmenting equipment to stay current and competitive.  That's why the smart money is in leasing.  BLS will help you find a diverse and flexible program tailored to meet the many and specific needs of your growing business.

Here are a few examples of the variety of creative leasing arrangements that can be set up through BLS, all at highly competitive rates and terms:

  • Titled Vehicle programs for business owners
  • Leasing programs to assist in the sale of franchises
  • Aviation leases -- yes, you can get that corporate jet!
  • Switch out newer models of equipment for outdoor events and on-site  jobs and services
  • Lease trucks -- from one to a fleet
  • Cross border leasing available


Complete Customized Solutions:

  • We'll tailor a program to fit your month-to-month or year-to-year cash flow, budget and cyclical requirements
  • No financials required on transactions up to $150,000 for most companies with 2 or more years in business
  • Quick approvals and funding
  • Immediate Tax Write-offs*:  (Leasing payments are treated as expenses on a company's balance sheet; therefore, your leased equipment does not have to be appreciated over five to seven years*.  Enjoy the immediate tax break and a healthier balance sheet!)
  • A healthier balance sheet:  (An operating lease is not considered a long-term debt or liability so it will not appear on your balance sheet.  This makes your company more attractive to traditional lending institutions should you need them.)

Seize the opportunity and upgrade technology to keep one step ahead of the competition -- with minimal documentation and red tape.  It's not uncommon to get applications approved overnight so you'll have your equipment within a day or two.

These are just some of the advantages of the BLS Equipment Leasing Programs.

* Be sure to consult your tax professional for tax codes and deductions as these could change without notice.