Whether you need to refinance an existing commercial property loan, or are in need of financing for a new acquisition, BLS has access to hundreds of Commercial Lenders across the United States.  The lenders consist of Insurance companies, Conduits, Banks, Finance companies, and Individuals.  We will personally submit your loan requests locally, regionally, and nationally.

The various property types may include Office Buildings, Apartments, Retail, Warehouses, Auto repair, Mixed Use Properties, Industrial and more...

You may also be looking to finance the expansion of your business or simply seeking additional working capital.  Our portfolio of commercial products offers a broad range of short to long-term solutions to meet your particular financing needs.  We take particular pride in the long term client relationships we have developed using our innovating, proactive, consulting services.  We work diligently on your behalf to match you with the right lender and the right terms.


What's on the drawing board for your business over the next few years? Most likely you have a growth strategy in the planning stages and, therefore, require access to longer-term financing. Commercial term loans are longer-term instruments best suited, from a capital management perspective, to support major expansion initiatives.  We can help you structure the financing you need to achieve your growth strategy goals.  Let's take those plans off the drawing board and set them in motion.


From seasonal sales to rapid growth, any number of situations can put pressure  on your working capital.

When your business has a need for additional capital, we will work with you to structure the financing options that offer you the most flexibility.

Are you in need of commercial financing?  We also offer a full array of secured financing solutions to help you accomplish your strategic goals by leveraging the value of your company's assets and cash flow.

BLS can give your business access to these types of financing and more. With one phone call you could have dozens of lending sources competing for your loan.  Once you have experienced our high level of customer service, competitive pricing and wide selection of financing options, you will understand why many business owners view BLS as as their most important asset.