Asset based loans are the discounted sale of certain business assets to raise cash for daily expenses.  It is not credit driven and is simpler to use than a credit line.  The asset is sold at a discount and allows you to manage balance sheet debt.

It can be tough finding GOOD Business Financing Advice.  When you feel it is necessary and prudent for you to seek financing for your company, where do you go for help and advice?  A common misconception is that you can get financing advice from your banker or from your CPA.  This can be problematic as a banker will advise you on how to operate the company so as to be satisfactory to the bank, not on how to maximize your opportunity in the market place, and CPA's are trained to create reports that show the financial condition of a company based upon what has already happened.

That is, they are actually professional historians and if you employ an in-house controller, he/she is responsible for the accounting function, as well as the internal financial reporting, of the company.  None of these roles has anything to do with planning the corporate financing of a small or medium size company.  In fact, many corporate controllers and CPA's report that they feel unprepared to help a business owner plan the future financing of a company.


Mid-market companies (above $30 Million in annual sales revenues) and larger companies have the budgets to employ university trained finance professionals to serve as Chief Finance Officer or Vice President for Finance.  This person's function is to keep the company supplied with the different forms of financing a growing company needs, and is very highly paid to do this.  In addition, these companies can afford formally trained outside corporate finance consultants to help them with special projects or with especially sticky financing decisions.

We have financial planning covered for small, medium or large businesses who cannot afford to employ a CFO our outside consultant giving you what large companies have -- good professional help in the area of business finance to help you make financing decisions to continue the growth and development of your company.

The ultimate financing decision will be yours to make, but you will have all the information about your choices in a manner that you can easily understand, with BLS providing recommendations as to which would be best, and the ability to run your company as well as the best run large companies today!