BLS and its affiliates save you money, time and effort by reducing your cell phone bills and making them easier to manage.

We specialize in lowering company cell phone bills.  Our typical clients save between 25%-33%.  We review your company's usage pattern and gain an understanding of your business rationale to create and sustain long term savings.

BLS and their affiliate team members have held positions with major wireless carriers working on pricing strategies.  As industry insiders, we apply our in-depth knowledge, creativity, and unyielding persistence to ensure our clients achieve the lowest possible spending level.  Wireless customers are forced to rely on the carrier's Sales and Customer Service representatives to provide them with the best possible pricing.  These representatives are incented to grow THEIR company's revenue.  They cannot provide you with the lowest possible solution.  The expertise of BLS ensures your savings is sustained.

Clients have achieved 40% annual savings in less than one hour of their time.  We ask key questions relating to your cell phone usage, and arrange copies of previous bills.  We create the analysis and recommendation in about one week.  It includes a spreadsheet showing the recommended plans for each phone, how much the changes will save your company, and an overview of the plans.  It also includes a detailed letter explaining the strategy.  After you review the recommendation, we'll have a brief discussion and then BLS will implement the changes.  That's it!

You don't need all the headaches associated with owning cell phones.  BLS and its affiliates do the analysis and the implementation.  We provide monthly updates on usage, new plans and potential savings opportunities.  Saving you money is as important to us as it is to you.

Our fee is based on how much we save you.  If no savings are accomplished, there is no fee to you.