The idea of a shipping verification company, its audit service and its growing menu of services was created for the same reason all good companies come to be:  to overcome a challenge.

As a company tracking late packages, it resulted in an effort to recover refunds via the carrier's guarantee.  It soon became evident that the process was cumbersome, time consuming and ultimately not cost effective.  In directing the I.T. Department to develop a solution, though daunting and no easy task, the opportunity led to a realization that the solution could be marketed to other companies with the same needs. 

The Odds are in Your Favor

To meet the challenges your company faces, we offer invaluable Business Intelligence via our reporting and optimization services.  We also realize that many of our clients are not able to negotiate competitive discounts due to the reality of the stacked deck they face when going up against FEDEX and UPS in contract negotiations.

BLS and its affiliates will audit and track your FEDEX and UPS shipments.  We will provide you with free, unlimited, customized reporting.  We will keep a close eye on your shipping tendencies and make suggestions when we identify inefficiencies.  We can help you negotiate your carrier discounts and all of the billing for our services is performance-based.

Odds are that 5% of your shipments arrive late.  And, odds are you don't know about it and don't claim your entitled refunds.

 Because of those odds, up to $5 billion in shipping refunds go unclaimed each year.  BLS puts that money back in your company's pocket.  We audit FEDEX, UPS, Less Than Truckload (LTL), and Truckload (TL) invoices and recover your refunds.  BLS will help your business ship, save, and function more efficiently.

 We SAVE you money!  

It's Easy to Get Started

BLS secures refunds/credits that are due back on your FEDEX and UPS accounts for late deliveries and overcharges.  We do this by receiving a copy of your invoice from the carrier(s) and then perform a software-based recovery audit.  All refunds/credits flow directly back to your account(s).  We typically save our clients 3%-5% annually on the audit alone.  This is our only billable service--we simply bill a percentage of the refunds that we have found with zero out-of-pocket expense to you.

Certainly, our auditing services tell you if your packages arrived at the right time and at the right place, but we go further...

BLS also checks your electronic invoice or manifest for:  Late charges, overcharges, corrected addresses, residential vs. commercial, duplicate invoices, unauthorized account use, manifested but not shipped, delivery area surcharges, proof of signature and evening delivery.

SAVE TIME:  Any size, volume, frequency, or destination, we track your shipments electronically and automatically, with more accuracy and speed than you could do manually.

SAVE MONEY:  We verify each shipment and all eligible refunds with your carrier, adjusting for holidays, weekends, regional variations, and service exceptions.  Then, we submit the paperwork to recover those refunds for you.