BLS Consulting Services

"offering creative strategies and solutions"

BLS Consulting Services, providing business consulting in Minneapolis - St. Paul and surrounding suburbs, can help businesses navigate through all the moving parts, as well as the daily challenges of owning and operating a business, by reducing expenses while implementing successful systems to insure growth and success.  In tough economic times it's more important than ever that you find a way to reduce expenses without sacrificing quality or service.  Companies that can remain lean will not only survive, but excel in this market.

Business Consulting in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Our consulting services are especially effective for privately held companies, with annual revenues up to $50,000,000.  The format of our service is scale-able and tailored to you.  By providing select services as an outside business consultant, mentoring the company's ownership and top management on operational and financial matters, in particular, we can help your company remain bankable and help arrange financing as necessary.  BLS is backed by a powerful network of highly qualified professional financial analysts and financial service consultants combined with a first-rate executive management team.  The expertise and depth of services that comprise the BLS group of risk-free, cost-savings, corporate resources is unparalleled.  Until now, a services offering of this magnitude was only available to the Fortune 500 companies who could afford to pay for a stable of on-call financial experts.

If you are a business owner looking to grow, expand, or exit your business, our expert consultants provide the knowledge and experience that will help you prepare for, and insure, a smooth transaction tailored to meet your individual needs.

BLS Consulting Services is a BBB Accredited Business Consultant in Maple Grove, MN